Tesla's Cybertruck Spring Update Unveiled

Tesla's Cybertruck Spring Update Unveiled

It seems that Tesla has begun rolling out the much-anticipated Spring Release update for the Cybertruck. A hint dropped by a Cybertruck Lead Engineer on the social media platform X gave enthusiasts a heads-up.

The Spring Release from Tesla promises to bring significant enhancements. For Model 3 and Model Y units equipped with AMD chips, expect a noticeable visual makeover. Model S and Model X units from the 2021 model year and onwards will see improvements in Auto Shift Beta, along with Hands-Free Trunk features. And for the Cybertruck, exciting updates are on the horizon, including Powersharing from Vehicle to Home, a Colorizer, and a turning circle improvement that promises a maneuverability akin to a "tank-turn."

While Tesla didn't provide an exact release date for the 2024 Spring Update for its Cybertruck lineup, Lead Engineer Wes Morrill hinted that an initial wave has already been deployed. Morrill responded to a Tesla owner's inquiries about potential updates, indicating that the Spring Release (2024.14) has been rolled out to Wave 1 and is slated for wider distribution once initial installations are validated.

Morrill's communication brings optimism to Cybertruck owners. Considering Tesla's ongoing efforts to scale up Cybertruck production, highlighted by Giga Texas's increasing output, it's evident that the rollout is a remarkable feat. Despite initial challenges, including the NHTSA's recall regarding the accelerator pedal, which affected a limited number of vehicles, progress continues. Although only a fraction of Cybertrucks had been delivered by the time of the recall, recent resumption of deliveries coupled with the Spring Update's rollout underscores Tesla's commitment to innovation and improvement.

The Cybertruck's updates are particularly noteworthy, as demonstrated in a recent Top Gear video showcasing its off-road capabilities with activated front and rear differential locks and additional off-road modes. This ongoing evolution reaffirms Tesla's position at the forefront of electric vehicle technology.


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