Unplugged Performance Introduces Latest Aftermarket Enhancements for the Cybertruck

Unplugged Performance Introduces Latest Aftermarket Enhancements for the Cybertruck

The initial batch of Tesla Cybertrucks has only recently been handed over to customers, yet a variety of aftermarket parts are already available for owners to customize their vehicles. Leading the charge is Unplugged Performance, a Tesla add-on manufacturer, offering a range of off-road parts designed to give Cybertruck owners a distinctive look, blending in seamlessly with Jeep meetups in mall parking lots.

Among the standout offerings is a 2.5-inch lift kit crafted entirely from billet aluminum, replacing factory components such as the stamped upper wishbones. Priced at $9,995, this lift kit enhances ground clearance, enabling the installation of taller tires, especially when paired with Unplugged's aftermarket wheels, including unique hexagonal designs reminiscent of Alfa Romeo's stylized phone dials.

Unplugged Performance's catalog extends beyond functional upgrades, featuring steel bumpers, battery skid plates, rock sliders, a bull bar, and quick-disconnect sway bar end links for enhanced articulation. However, some accessories lean more towards the aesthetic, such as the carbon fiber hood with an LED light bar and carbon fender flares, priced at $1,995 and $2,895, respectively.

Other notable additions include a roof rack covering the Cybertruck's bed and a MOLLE side rack designed for "zombie apocalypse gear." Despite the potentially divisive nature of these accessories, the overall lineup of Cybertruck modifications is surprisingly impressive, offering a diverse range of options for owners looking to personalize their vehicles. However, there remains the possibility that future modifications could elicit more polarized reactions, similar to the controversial lifted Rivian.

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