Tesla Cybertruck Transforms into a Futuristic Police Cruiser

Tesla Cybertruck Transforms into a Futuristic Police Cruiser

A Tesla Cybertruck has been transformed into a high-tech police cruiser, showcasing its potential as a futuristic law enforcement vehicle. The electrifying vehicle, courtesy of Unplugged Performance, features a sleek design and brutalist lines, making it an intimidating presence on the road.

The UP.Fit police kit, designed specifically for the Cybertruck, includes emergency lights and a custom wrap, seamlessly integrating with the vehicle's design. The spacious cabin provides ample room for police equipment, and the second-row seats can be easily modified to accommodate prisoners.

The Tesla Cybertruck's large size and electric powertrain make it an attractive option for law enforcement agencies. With its potential to carry a substantial amount of tools and equipment, it could be a valuable addition to any police department.

Reactions from the Tesla community have been overwhelmingly positive, with many enthusiasts praising the Cybertruck's unique design and potential as a Hollywood movie prop. The addition of a push bumper would further enhance its intimidating appearance.

Unplugged Performance's UP.Fit line also offers a similar package for the Model Y, which could save police departments $27,012 over five years compared to a Ford Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid. However, the Tesla Cybertruck's sheer presence and capabilities make it an unbeatable option for law enforcement.



Source: https://www.teslarati.com/tesla-cybertruck-police-cruiser-video/

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