Tesla's Triumph: German Council Greenlights Gigafactory Growth

Tesla's Triumph: German Council Greenlights Gigafactory Growth

Tesla's controversial expansion in Germany received a green light from the local council in Grünheide, paving the way for the carmaker to enlarge its European Gigafactory near Berlin.

The majority of 19 council representatives endorsed Tesla's expansion plans, with 11 in favor, six against, and two abstentions. This decision enhances Tesla's prospects for expanding its logistical infrastructure, including a proposed train station, pending approval from local environmental authorities. The company's ambition to manufacture 1 million electric cars annually at the site gained traction since its announcement in July.

Activists opposed to Tesla's growth, including the Turn Off the Tap on Tesla (TDHA) protest group, expressed disappointment with the council's decision. Esther Kamm, a TDHA spokesperson, emphasized their commitment to continued protests and exploring legal avenues to halt the expansion, declaring, "It's a setback, but it's not the end."

Meanwhile, Manu Hoyer, representing the Citizens Initiative Grünheide, condemned the council's choice, citing a February poll where 65% of locals voted against the expansion plan. Last week's protests escalated as demonstrators clashed with police, highlighting concerns about the environmental impact of electric car production, particularly mineral mining for batteries.

Despite the opposition, Tesla's growth trajectory remains unhindered. Protesters residing in treehouses near the factory, seeking to obstruct expansion, obtained court protection against police eviction attempts until May 20. The battle between environmental concerns and industrial development continues amidst Tesla's ambitious plans for the Gigafactory's future.


News From: https://www.wired.com/story/teslas-controversial-factory-expansion-is-approved/

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