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TOPABYTE Mud Flaps Splash Guards 4Pcs for Model Y 2020-2024

TOPABYTE Mud Flaps Splash Guards 4Pcs for Model Y 2020-2024

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Type (For Model Y 2020-2024)

Custom-Fit Mud Guards: Require no drilling. Designed to withstand all weather and road conditions. Perfectly fits your model Y 2020-2024! Please click the style choice above carefully for your car.

Superior Vehicle Protection: An ideal gift for electric vehicle owners, these mud guards shield the vehicle from mud, dirt, ice, gravel, and road salt, ensuring your electric vehicle maintains a pristine appearance.

Premium Construction: Crafted from sturdy ABS thermoplastic, these mud guards offer a perfect balance of flexibility and rigidity, effectively withstanding harsh road hazards.

Drill-Free Installation: Installing these custom-made mudguards is a breeze, utilizing the original hole locations without the need for drilling or tape. This ensures a secure fit without leaving any marks on your new electric vehicle.

Essential Accessory: It plays a crucial role in preventing premature rusting of the tie rod and ball head. This reduces the frequency of car washes and paint jobs, contributing to the longevity of your vehicle.

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