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TOPABYTE Rear Center Console Organizer Silicone For Model 3 Highland

TOPABYTE Rear Center Console Organizer Silicone For Model 3 Highland

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Perfectly Customized

Designed specifically for Model 3 Highland, this rear center console organizer provides additional storage space for the rear seats. With its sleek design, it seamlessly fits into the rear center console, reducing clutter and keeping your rear seats tidy.

Expand Storage Capacity

This silicone-made rear center console organizer provides ample storage space for the backseat area, allowing you to store items such as cans, bottles, snacks, and more. This makes the interior of the car cleaner and more organized. When used with a garbage bag, it can also serve as a trash bin, helping you to easily dispose of trash in the car and maintain cleanliness.

Enhance Rear Passenger Comfort

The organizer's design allows rear passengers to comfortably stretch their legs and fully enjoy the exceptionally spacious seating area. By installing this organizer, you can significantly enhance passenger comfort, ensuring that every ride becomes an even more pleasant experience.

Easy Installation

This organizer is designed for easy installation, simply placing it in the rear center console and securing it in place. It fits perfectly under the rear air vent, providing a snug and secure fit.

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